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Revolution is a tribute to the transforming and pioneering rock music from 1964 to 1969. You’ll hear music from an incredible selection of over 30 great bands like: The Beach Boys, The Doors, 3 Dog Night, Deep Purple, The Zombies, Cream, The Turtles, Dave Clark 5 and of course The Beatles. This birth of modern rock and roll, with its explosion of innovation and creativity, has never been matched - the melodies, the harmonies, the driving rhythms, the lyrics and experimentation with new sounds. The innovative pairings of instruments and sounds of this inspiring era are still being imitated by today's musicians.


It was drummer Mark Keller’s dream to assemble a band to truly do this music the justice it deserves. Having toured nationally with Head East back in the 70’s and continuing a life-long career of performance, Mark Keller knows the talent and hard work that it takes to put on a professional and inspiring show. After 2 years and over 100 auditions, Mark found that talent and Revolution was formed. Mark Keller - drums, Kevin Stanley - bass, Carl Schaefer - keyboard, Chris Miles - guitar, Evan Hunt - guitar/violin.


Revolution is a truly unique blend of talented instrumentalists and vocalists that go to great lengths to bring back the sound and soul of the 60’s with authenticity.  The band leverages 5 talented vocalists, 12-string guitars, violin, horns, organ, piano, and more. With their passion, versatility, and precision, Revolution routinely charms listeners from all backgrounds, and provides premium entertainment for a wide variety of events. There is no other band in St. Louis like Revolution.


// keyboards, vocals


// guitar & vocals



// guitar, violin, vocals



// drums & vocals


// bass & vocals

Vocalist and guitarist. Hometowns are Omaha, NE and Highland, IL. Some interests include hiking (Colorado is a favorite), cooking, travel, collecting records, and watching westerns.

Carl provides an amazing array of sounds through his keyboards and also backs up the group with vocals. Carl's hobbies include music composition, tennis, hiking, travel and watching old TV shows like Andy Griffith, Gun Smoke, and Leave it to Beaver.

A classically trained violinist. Also on guitar and lead/harmony vocals. Hometown is Appleton, WI. Some interests include meeting new people, flying airplanes, wood working, psychology, and the outdoors.

Bass, rhythm guitar, singing lead and harmony vocals. Hometown Columbia, MO. His hobbies include backpacking and playing acoustic guitar.

Drummer-lead and harmony vocals. Hometown St. Louis , Mo. Plays Drum Workshop gear. Hobbies include motorcycles.