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Revolution is a tribute band in St Louis that specializes in music from 1964 to 1969 - songs that are fun for all ages. This was an amazing time for music. There was burst of innovation and creativity that has never been matched - the melodies, the harmonies, the driving rhythms, the lyrics and experimentation with new sounds. This was real rock & roll that pushed the boundaries. The innovative pairings of instruments and sounds are still being imitated by today's musicians. Whether you were there and experienced it first hand, or you heard your parents playing their records (the things before CD's - remember them?). It was our love of the 60s that prompted us to form this band. There is just so much to love from this period. The grand success and staying power of today's rock and roll owes much of its success to the creative revolution of the late sixties. We know you are going to love listening to and singing along with the greatest hits from this era, so come join the Revolution.

Revolution is keeping the music of the 60s live!

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